NafunaTV- Show Reel 2017

This is a brief video that shows NafunaTV’s work i.e animation, explainer videos, entertainment, documentaries etc… together with the services offered

Angry Mwana – Episode 10 [Behind The Scenes]

This is no ordinary Angry Mwana episode as we’re giving you sneak peek into the making of Zimbabwe’s leading online animated series and we interview the cast and the crew. We also show never-been-seen-before footage.

Angry Mwana – Episode 8

A shy Tsano is asking streetwise Jah Ella how to approach the ladies but ends up stammering to his downfall

Angry Mwana – Episode 7

Tsano, Gonzo and Jah Ella go to a pub, and they start talking about betting …but Jah Ella realizes Gonzo has a missing body part

Angry Mwana – Episode 6

Angry Mwana gets back home and finds a surprise awaiting him, Gogaz. Gogaz is hard of hearing and can neither see well so she mistakes Gonzo for a dog. the family gets bigger and bigger & crazier and crazier

Angry Mwana – Episode 3

Tsano and Gonzo are in quite the predicament and begin to blame Angry Mwana for their current situation  

Angry Mwana – Episode 5

Angry Mwana becomes very over-protective when Jah Ella tries his luck with Esnut. Akajamuka!

Angry Mwana – [ ZOL ] Episode 1

We partnered with ZOL fibroniks, Zimbabwe’s leading internet service providers, during their ZOL Orange Envelope Campaign. In this episode, Angry Mwana wants to win it all and Gonzo is helping out!

Angry Mwana – [ ZOL ] Episode 2

The ZOL envelope campaign is underway and Angry Mwana and his sidekick Tsano are talking about what they’ll do with their winnings. But unfortunately, Tsano can’t fly.

Angry Mwana – Episode 4

Boss Taffy, the new character in the angry mwana universe, bumps into  Esnut and Angry Mwana meet him in the supermarket and it’s an awkward encounter.