Lorraine’s birthday party disaster!

Avatar purity | March 3, 2020

Lorraine failed to host her birthday party at HICC.

From the expected 7000 guests, only less than 100 attended the party. Most of the celebrities like MrStylez, Teemak and Zuva Habane got in for free. Lorraine had planned to charge US$10 for each guest so that she will pay musicians and Dj Chamvary.

However, on her Facebook page, Chamvary (Rumbidzayi Mugwira), a DJ at Power FM was the first to spill out the beans for not being paid. However, DJ Legendary family posted on his Facebook page, arguing that Chamvary wanted US$200, unfortunately, Lorraine paid her US$20.


Other sources argued that Lorraine has now reached Teemak to cover her debt. What could have convinced her to host such a birthday party in HICC? Could it be the likes and views of her comedy skits? 


However, people have been commenting on her shoes which looked like they were too big for her. More so, there is a debate on Lorraine’s age. On Jah Signal’s Instagram post, many people argued that she is not 21 as she announced it. Here are some of the comments pertaining to her age. Is she really 21?


Written by purity

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