Animated videos are now a critical tool for the modern brand.

Avatar [email protected] | June 4, 2020

Animated videos are now a critical tool for the modern brand.

I’ve been in advertising now for about 15 years. All the while, I was in video production for about the same time. I had the opportunity at approaching branding from both sides of the fence and knew early on that videos would become a critical way that we would use to market. Animated videos are now a critical tool. They are used everywhere and its good to know more about how they can grow your brand!

Studies have already shown that we are more receptive to information that is packaged in the video. when that information is animated, this increases our retention even further. This makes videos absolutely necessary in managing our brands and building our audiences. At Nafuna, we mainly focus on video production for fr reaching brands that are both national and regional. Video is a critical element here as its benefits far outweigh the negatives.


The very first thing my clients in Zimbabwe and other African countries complain about is the fact that video is expensive. This is true. Though there are now many modern cost-effective ways to get a decent video as part of your marketing strategies. So… Animated videos are now a critical tool for every brand. Big or small.

Another negative is the time a good video needs for production. The longer you spend on a video, the better it becomes. Also, a video needs several specific people who have different capabilities and specialisation.


Some of our samples


Head over to our site where we post some of our newest work as we complete it. Our portfolio includes animated videos for Econet, Cassava, Netone, ZOL and other leading brands and NGOs. There are different types of animated videos from Explainer videos to comedy animations as well as simple motion graphics videos. Here is a showreel of work you can check out if you ever need some videos done!



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