Appreciation for Pokello- Jackie’s rescue.

Appreciation for Pokello and Jackie’s rescue.

Self-proclaimed Queen of swagger, Pokello Nare came to ailing popular actor Lazarus Boora’s (aka Gringo)rescue. This came after Gringo’s family appealed to the public for RTGs18 000 donations.
The family appealed to social media influencer Jackie Ngarande stating that they required donations for his medical procedure. The actor was reportedly admitted at the Harare Hospital on Tuesday where he was supposed to undergo an emergency operation due to complications with his appendix.
Meanwhile, Gringo’s wife, Netsai Meki, acknowledged the two for their donations. “I would like to thank Pokello Nare and Aunty Jackie (Ngarande) for their contributions.
“May God bless them for the love and kindness they have shown to my husband!” she said.
Gringo’s wife said the two paid $12 100 for the surgery and $2 000 in hospital admission fees.

Netsai was also grateful for all other well-wishers including Gringo’s Boss and the arts community.
“I am very grateful to my husband’s boss, Archibald Dumbira of Sabi Bananas, who paid the initial admission deposit of $8 000.
So we would like to appreciate those who accommodated to keep that attitude alive, and we are grateful for them and we hope they will be able to help in the face of any suffering.  Therefore, much Appreciation for Pokello and Jackie’s rescue.

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