Are we alone in the universe? Some people want to find out.

Are we the only planet with life? A question I am sure so many have had at least once in their lives. The possibility of there being some extra terrestrial life out there. Some even believing aliens have already been to earth before and even leaving behind infrastructure (pyramids anyone? No?OK!) some people have taken their curiosity to a higher level by taking a Facebook Pledge to raid Area 51.

What is Area 51 one may ask, Area 51 is a secret Air Force military installation located at Groomlake in Southern Nevada USA. This installation has long been focus of many conspiracy theories involving aliens being kept in the facility, so many movies and series have also taken play at those. Now more than 397k from all over the world have taken a Facebook pledge to storm the facility “Naruto Style”

so they can “See them aliens” the pledge is even subtitled “they can’t catch all of us”. If this is a troll or some people being serious we are still to find out soon enough. Meanwhile “I’ll be right here”

Written by godfrey

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