Berita finds love once again!!!

Avatar tatenda | October 14, 2019

After spending much of 2018 healing from the heartbreak Berita Khumalo revealed that she finds love once again!!!

Berita finds love once again!!!









In a statement, Berita revealed that she finds love once again with a man that has rejuvenated both her romantic life and career.

“I remember the end of last year I had to report here on Twitter that I was taking a hiatus because l was going through a lot.

Berita finds love once again!!!










Also, after the heartbreak, Berita revealed that she had rediscovered her strength off the back of a loving relationship.

She said her boyfriend is taking good care of her. Berita also said he creates an environment for her to work well. “Although I am not mentioning any names, he makes me very happy,” she said.

The singer said she finds a man who complimented her drive and purpose in life. Berita said she is happy with the changes and evolution that she had undergone.

Berita finds love once again!!!











“There have been lots of challenges, but I see opportunity in every one of them. I’m also learning about running my business, training people and I also have employed people in the business.

However, she also revealed that her successful single, Ndicel’ Kiss would soon become a part of a new flick on streaming giant Netflix. She said the feedback is amazing and the song will soon be in the international arena.

Berita finds love once again!!!









“It is not whom you become, but what you become. I have been in the industry for seven years now and I like who I am becoming.”

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