Berita on a mission to empower women.

Avatar purity | August 7, 2019


Songstress Berita will be celebrating women with the release of a new song titled “Yours” on Thursday, the eve of International Women’s Day.


Berita was groomed by Oskido’s Kawala Jazmee records, now she wants to give fellow women a platform by signing them.

“I’m planning to develop artistes with a keen interest in women as I feel they are marginalized. As time goes on, I think 80% of those who will work at my offices will be women as I want to uplift them”.

Women do not have to be mean to one another. When you show someone that you think she has value, surely you can transform her life.

It’s time to raise awareness around new initiatives women are taking to help their female counterparts achieve their goals and feel empowered. The concept of women helping other women benefits both parties while demonstrating just how powerful force females can be when they support one another.

Instead of causing emotional turmoil, drama, and distress among other women, work to make another woman feel good about herself. We are all beautiful in our own way and need to learn to recognize that beauty in ourselves as well as in each other. A woman who wants to empower will do so through humility, love, and honesty.

What I have found is that the more confident and successful (emotionally and financially) a woman is, the less likely she is to feel threatened by another woman. Some women are more than willing to help others because they truly believe that there is space and opportunity for all women to succeed.

Written by purity

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