Blot is back!!!

Avatar purity | September 4, 2019

The Ndiri Bad hitmaker has finally bounced back to the music scene after a mysterious two-year hibernation.


Takura Chiwoniso (aka) Blot rose to fame between 2016 and 2017 becoming a household name in the Zimdancehall fraternity.

Blot said he is back now, he was unable to push his music as all his projects were previously moved by then his recording label Chill spot.

“I had trouble pushing my music because the chill spot was responsible for all my projects. But now I am glad to say I now have people who are helping me and so far it’s working quite well in my favor,” he said.

At the peak of career, Zim dancehall fans thought everything was in a smooth-flow. But, only to be slapped by a surprise when he parted ways with his then record label Chillspot who had groomed him.

“Currently I have released my new singles project titled Skelewu. So far I have done the visuals for the track titled Hamusati Mandiona. I also have another brand new track Musandishore. I want to promise that this September is fully packed with new music and videos” he said

Although it is evidenced that his goodbye move from Chillspot nearly killed his career. One may not lose sight of the grant return made during his performance at the Cup clash.

While Chillpspot moved on and “uncovered” Enzo Ishall, their current star, Blot was still struggling to regain lost fame.

“There is an element of sabotage because of the same strategy. These guys used to push my work is the same strategy they are using to pull me down. I was doing all my recordings at Chillspot and did not have much freedom to work with other producers.”

Written by purity

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