Boss Sakina finds new love

Zimbabwean musician Boss Sakina revealed that she finds new love.  She also composed a song for the new boyfriend.

Boss Sakina finds new love









In a statement Boss, Sakina revealed that she has been going out with her man for three months now. She also added that she can’t contain the joy since she finally found real love.

Boss Sakina said the new  is a dedication song to the new boyfriend.

Boss Sakina finds new love











The artist composes a song called “Mama Chiredzi” for her new boyfriend. She said the video features her family members as they celebrate with her on the journey of love.

Boss Sakina said she will not reveal the name of her boyfriend. However she said her boyfriend is a businessman and low-profile guy.

“I am really happy at this moment in my life I just feel everything is going on well for me and it’s because I am in love and it feels like real love.”

Boss Sakina finds new love









“It’s been a while since I felt this way and maybe that’s why I am just crazy the way I am.”
“Mama Chiredzi is a love song where a girl is excited about her new love and having her man turn out to be her hero.”

Boss Sakina said  Jamal of No Limit Records produced the new song. The artist also said she believes that the video will  be showing at Trace Africa soon.

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