Chairman ‘Killer T’ wows again!

The music video to Killer T’s hit single ‘Baba vako imboko’ out of his latest album, ‘Ghetto Rinenharo’ singles collection,  has been released to critical acclaim. The music video at the time of writing was number one trending on YouTube and sat on 105 876 views just three days after it was released. The video was directed by one of Zimbabwe’s best creative brains, Andy Cutta. The video portrays an indignant looking Killer T complaining to his lady love about the treatment he receives at the hands of his prospective in-laws who take turns to chase him from their homestead as he tries to make his suit on their daughter.

The music video and song despite its controversial title has been well received by Zimbabwean audiences for its comic relief angle which provides a welcome respite to the everyday struggles people are facing but still resonating and communicating the message of the plight of the country’s young men in their pursuit to marry.

Written by chloe

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