Chi Mhende: Exclusive Interview

South African based Zimbabwean actress Chi Mhende who played the role of Wandile, a transgender female on Generations, recently opened up about something that happened to her as a child. Many are asking why she decided to speak about it only now after so many years and some feel like it’s some sort of a publicity stunt.

In an interview on SABC 3’s Afternoon Express, Chi Mhende revealed that she had been sexually abused as a child and that her role in Generations somewhat helped her come to terms with the abuse she suffered. She said that she had a lot of anger built up within her due to this experience and her role as Wandile really helped her to express, process and let go of that anger.

We sat her down in an exclusive interview as she gave us her reaction to the way the tabloids aired her story. For those who felt that her coming about the issue was a publicity stunt, this is what she had to say.

Written by chloe

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