Clash Prophet T Freddy,Passion Java

Things have just got interesting in Prophetville with two prominent prophets Passion Java and Prophet T Freddy.

In a live video, Prophet T Freddy responds to Passion Java beef. Prophet Passion has posted a video mocking his fellow Prophet T Freddy. He mocks him after he posted a video  dressing like a woman.

Clash Passion Java, Prophet T Freddy






Passion Java did not waste time after seeing the original video and come up with his video. He mimics Prophet T Freddy saying :

“My name is Prophet Freddy. To all those who thought l would stop music, this is the new voice l will be using from now onwards.”

Clash Passion Java, Prophet T Freddy







In a live video Prophet, T Freddy said he is being artistic. He also told his followers that they should get used to his voice because it is not going to change. However, he says no to Cyber Bullying.

However, people criticize Prophet Passion saying he speaks his mind without thinking about the consequences and implications of what he is saying. This has led to some labeling him as a serial attention seeker who always needs to be in the public spotlight.

Written by tatenda

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