Conflict – Oskid and AB Communications.

Conflict – Oskid and AB Communications. Award-winning music producer Prince Tapfuma “Oskid” and his label Oskid Productions have parted ways with AB Communications which owns ZIFM Stereo radio station.

The two parties entered into a partnership in 2016. ZiFM Stereo is a Zimbabwean commercial radio station that is based in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare. It broadcasts throughout the country.

Meanwhile, it is the first private radio station that targets modern and aspirational listeners.
However, AB Communications told the Standard Style that they had to offload the Oskid team due to differences in their vision of the future.
“Due to different interests, we have decided not to renew the agreement that we had. This is not the first time the once red hot Oskid has been accused of mischief. In 2016 this paper ran a story where he was being accused of “double bookings, not turning up for scheduled sessions and treating some big names as sacred cows at the expense of other paying artistes,” said Makore. Hence the conflict between Oskid and AB Communications which led them to part ways.

Oskid is one of the hottest music producers in Zimbabwe. He won numerous awards including Best Producer at the Zimdancehall Awards, Zimbabwe Music Awards for Producer of the Year, and Best Producer at the Star FM People’s Choice Awards.

He is the producer behind Winky D’s Disappear which went on to top BBC Extra 1 charts in the UK.

Oskid’s enduring moments came when he produced Killer T’s album Ngoma Ndaimba and later on Winky D’s Gafa life album. He has been from Kenako Music, Million Dynasty and now AB Communications. What’s next to Oskid?.

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