Zimbabwean Warrior Khama Billiat  is  living in fear of his life after his ex-girlfriend give him death threats causing Khama to seek police security.

In a statement, Billiat ex-girlfriend allegedly issued death threats causing Khama to seek police security. Billiat said he is dealing with a violent and dangerous person who won’t let him go.










Khama also said her ex-girlfriend is very violent and aggressive and she is in a bid to destroy his family.

“My family is not at peace at home, they are afraid to go out.”








However, Billiat also said he was threatened with death and his family is suffering because of his depression. He also said she accused him of impregnating her.

“I said to her I want the paternity test. She then threatened to kill me and tarnish my name through all social media platforms.”


Written by tatenda

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