DJ Fresh will be in Bulawayo.

Thato Sikwane, known professionally as DJ Fresh, will be in Bulawayo next month.

He will be performing at Cosmopolitan Night Club. DJ Fresh will perform on the 2nd of November at the club.

Cosmopolitan Night Club’s DJs, DJs Mazoe, Keezy AM alongside Champion Sounds and 3DFamily DJs will also grace the occasion. However, it will not be his first time to be in Bulawayo he had a music show in the city six years ago at Horizon Night Club (now The Vista).

Meanwhile, Mdududzi Mdlongwa, the event organizer said the show is mature to remember about the good old days.
DJ Fresh has been performing in Bulawayo for a very long time. This show is for people who want to remember the days when Visions was still kicking and DJ Fresh would hold epic shows there”.
“It’s generally for those who love and appreciate his type of music,” said Mdlongwa. DJ Fresh will be accompanied by a drummer as he wants to spice up his set.
“The theme I’ll House U with the Big Dawg’ is a promise to people by DJ Fresh that he will rock them on the day.

DJ Fresh, is a Motswana radio DJ, producer, and entrepreneur based in South Africa. He is also a judge on the Presenter Search on 3 on SABC. He is most known for his career on 5FM and Metro FM.

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