Doc Vikela Takes Comedians To Special Class

Avatar tamia | November 12, 2018

Dov Vikela Takes Comedians To Special Class

Special Class is a concept that was created by College Central and Doc Vikela Entertainment. Individuals came together to create a television sitcom which is temporarily a web show that casts online every week. The intriguing plot of the web show is based on special students that the audience is familiar with.It throws back to a high school set up where special classes were needed for the so called ‘slow learners’. But however we get a closer glimpse at who these characters truly are at heart.


The class is so special every character webs in their very own unique story to tell. There are 9 developing characters namely, Bhuju, Bhomba, Rizla, Saru, Petronella, Tito, Rudo, Constable and of course, the Professor. The cast was drawn up from stand up comedians and veteran actors such as Lisa Gutu,a master of a screenwright ,actress Melinda Shumba and comedians such as Kadem The Comic.


The show is flavoured by jests and is a buffet that any humorous individual can indulge in. It definitely is a special piece that will leave your ribs aching from laughter. What could beat a plot that mildly pokes fun at the special class system that  existed back in high school. The plot is close to a reinvention of Night  School except that all students are the funny Kevin Hart in one way or another.


Written by tamia

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