Donhodzo – The Video that shocked Zimbabwe!

Avatar [email protected] | May 28, 2020

Firstly, I feel I need to make a few disclaimers before I start. The first is that am a huge fan of Jah Prayzah, even though I am an even bigger Winky D fan!. Secondly, in as much as I am a video director, it’s been eons since I directed any music videos. My work is mainly around advertising… so I hope to not bring too much bias!. But this Donhodzo video is the one that shocked Zimbabwe!.

Firstly, WOW!!!! What an awesome-looking production from the music all the way to the visuals! Stunning.

Shout out to Vusa Blaqs and the whole MTM team. This one here is a classic because of the social movement and the challenging aspect of the song. I have to give Vusa Blaqs all the props for managing to work on so many high-quality productions. In what must have been a short space of time! .I will reach out to him to do an interview on this for sure. The Donhodzo video is the one that has shocked Zimbabwe.

The video itself is well shot, well-edited, and is made more epic by the great song as well as great…. cast decisions. It has surely set the Zimbabwe Twittersphere ablaze with excitement!. Following Vusa’s Instagram and having run into him the morning of the video release, he alluded to the significance this video would have on the market.

We hope to get you guys more content like this that may give more detail into the behind the scene workings of productions. Our last article on Jah Prayzah was about his collaboration with Vabati VaJeHova. 

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