Enzo Ishall gratifies fans

Avatar purity | January 31, 2020

Enzo Ishall gratifies fans.

Zimdancehall wunderkind, Enzo Ishall premiered a freestyle music video titled uri kutsvireiko. It seems that Enzo enraptured the freestyle. The song surpassed the expectations of Enzo’s fans as the fans endorsed the lyrics of the song.
Meanwhile, Enzo came up with an engrossing song to buttress his weaknesses on the highest score and the Ngoro song. Enzo was slowly falling out of favor from his fans because of the highest score and Ngoro song.
The Kanjiva hitmaker signed a three-year contract with Teemak Promotions, which marked the virtuoso earning monthly allowances for his expenses and recording allowances.

Teemak and Enzo Ishall

Meanwhile, Enzo is enjoying on-signee packs that include designer clothes, monthly cash, and travel allowances. Earlier this year, Enzo Ishall moved from Chillspot Records label to Teemak promotions. However,  there was a lot of criticism about the move taken by Enzo.

A lot of people argued that Chillspot Records was responsible for catapulting Enzo to fame while some suggested his alliance with Prophet Passion Java got in the way of his relationship with Chillspot.

However, Prophet Passion Java jeopardized Enzo’s move. Unfortunately, the threats couldn’t affect Teemak. He challenged Java as well as anyone else who felt owed or cheated to approach the courts of law.

All in all, Enzo Ishall gratifies fans. There was no criticism of the premiered music video.

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