Enzo Ishall – Mwenje (Official Video)

Avatar purity | March 24, 2020

Enzo Ishall releases the official music video titled Mwenje today. The song is suggesting that in these times you don’t have to act wise, rather be wise. The video depicts a lesson that he is conveying to the society at large.

The video shows a person who is attacking another person. Enzo Ishall talks about keeping the light because the darkness shall come. In the African culture, a person is said to be possessed by the spirit of darkness when they kill or attack another person.

Through this video, Enzo Ishall’s intention is to show this belief. He also shows the use of traditional healing which is a famous and well-used practice not only in Zimbabwe but all over Africa.

Another aspect that is shown in this video is that of the good samaritan. The story of the good samaritan is found across several different cultures but it is told differently. In his video, Enzo Ishall shows a man being taken in by a traditional healer who is also a good samaritan. It does not take a genius to understand that the video’s main message is to not let the darkness overcome you. Live in the light and do good deeds!

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Written by purity

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