Enzo Ishall’s Online Concert!

The Enzo Ishall’s online concert will be held on Thursday 23 April 2020 at 19:00hrs. On his Instagram account, Enzo encouraged his fans to tune in as he will be performing live. These online concerts are increasingly becoming the norm as there can’t be any live shows due to the Covid19 pandemic that has been ravaging the whole world.

The Kanjiva hitmaker signed a three-year contract with Teemak Promotions. And he is enjoying on-signee packs that include designer clothes, monthly cash, and travel allowances. Earlier this year, Enzo Ishall moved from Chillspot Records label to Teemak promotions. The concert is already drawing a lot of attention.

The online concert is a good strategic move on Enzo Ishall’s part because it keeps fans and engaged. It’s also a way to keep fans and the internet talking about him. The music world is constantly changing and there are artists popping up everywhere so its a good move.

Enzo Ishall’s fan base keeps building. This is because his music connects with the youth and the current generation. He sings about things that are famous with the ghetto youths that is why his music keeps becoming famous. The way he sings tells a story.

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Written by purity

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