Enzo Ishall thinking of quitting music?!

Avatar purity | March 10, 2020

Enzo ishall is thinking of quitting music. Indeed, the root of all our personal and emotional difficulties is a lack of togetherness.

Local artists are facing challenges in the music industry. Most importantly, the lack of affection is challenging Zimbabwean artists. On Instagram, Freeman posted a picture comparing Nigerian artists with Zimbabwean artists.

Enzo ishall announced the person who is letting him down the most is his  “so-called brother”.  He didn’t name the person however to the chagrin of the press.

In his message, he also also said that he is thinking of quitting because of adversity in the music industry. Meanwhile, Baba Harare also noted that, as an artist, the lack of togetherness is challenging everyone in the music industry. He said it is more like eating peanut butter with a straw. “kudhonza dovi straw bambo,” he said.

However, Killer T suggested that all they need to do is to pray.




Written by purity

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