As a dark cloud looms over every Zimbabwean (well almost) , one unfortunate Twitter user from Uganda decided to troll Zimbabweans, I believe in jest and as it would turn out, it could just as well be the worst decision she has ever made. Twitter user @Evelyn_Nakayi yesterday took to the social media platform to quote a tweet that asked if there are any Zimbabweans on twitter insinuating Zimbabweans did not even know about Twitter.

Upon awareness of this insult, Zimbabweans took a no holds barred approach in addressing this issue and on a united front all predominant issues were forgotten as the issue at hand was dealt with. Evelyn got the clout she was looking for (no publicity is bad publicity right?). Some of the jokes thrown at her were super smart and classy (the Zimbabwean way)

Some were mean but still funny;

But at the end of it all Zimbabweans came together to stand for their nation, with that being said we stand behind the warriors against Uganda and say, Go Warriors Go!


Written by godfrey

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