Extra Large band splits

Urban grooves outfit Extra Large band splits after being together for almost 2 decades.

Extra Large band splits









In a statement, the duo Norman Manwere on his facebook page said they are taking a break from Extra Large. He also said they want to try to rediscover their selves and re-brand as a group.

He said, “During the break, Jimmie and I will be working on Solo Projects.” Norman added that he still needs  support the same way the fans have supported Extra Large throughout the year.

Extra Large splits









Manwere also said they will regroup shortly and come back with a better and strong team. The group thrilled many of their fans throughout Zimbabwe with their humorous lyrics. Also the Extra Large group splits after being together for almost 2 decades.

However, the team received a lot of negative comments as the audience wonder if the band still in business. Some criticized them saying that there is no need to regroup because they are not relevant anymore.

Extra Large splits





Also, some followers said there is no one looking for Extra Large in 2019. Some argued that their music was not selling anymore. The duo has increasingly become less visible over the last few years.

Most people think that the band was quiet because it was not relevant to the local music scene. 

Extra Large splits









Extra-large is an Urban Grooves music group of two members, Jimmy Mangezi and Norman Manwere. It has reportedly released more than seven albums.

The name Extra Large was influenced by the group’s desire to become more than just a youthful upcoming musical group but a household name.



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