Fastest rising star in Zimbabwe Anita Jaxson

Avatar mona | August 17, 2021

Fastest rising star in Zimbabwe  Anita Jaxson’s new video for the song Ndiwe qualified to be on Trace Urban.

Anita Jaxson surprises her fans all the time as they discover how multi-talented she is after the release of the video for the song  Ndiwe. The song Ndiwe is a house song and in the video, she shows off her dance skills on the video.

The Zimbabwean singer-songwriter is based in Harare. She is mostly known for her Zimdancehall collaborations with popular artists Poptain ( Duffle bag) and Jah Master ( Unonzani ). Jaxson was born and grew up in Braeside. The rising star in Zimbabwe Anita Jaxson praises Poptain who believes in her because she had given up on her music career. Once again has released a hit song called Ndiwe and the video qualified to air on trace Urban.

Music journey :

Anita says she didn’t really care about music anymore and all she wanted to do was continue with her 8-5 job. It was easier and structured. However, Poptain visited her at her job and told her that she had a talent and she needed to share her gift with the rest of the world. Accordingly,  Poptain then introduced Anita to Leekay Di Man’s studio, and on that day her life changed. Again, he also introduced her to Devon Peterson and director Teekay who are now her managers.

Furthermore, Anita Jackson’s road to success was made easier because Leekay produced her first songs for free because she was broke.  She praises the creative Kulture Africa studio for nurturing her and says that it will always be her home.

Anita Jackson the fastest rising star in Zimbabwe’s song ndiwe video made it onto one of the best African music channels in Africa. Trace Urban is the channel and this has been a great opportunity for her as her fame continues to rise  internationally


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