Fresh Tongues from Passion Java!

Avatar purity | March 31, 2020

Fresh tongues from Passion Java!

The Zimbabwean prophet known as Passion Java said new tongues this week. Passion Java started becoming famous last year and his fame has since escalated. The said prophet is fast becoming one of the richest men in Zimbabwe.

His church has since gained a large number of congregants. It seems that the people get what they want when they go to Prophet Passion’s church. Passion Java is now one of the several well-known prophets in Zimbabwe.

However, while others may see him as a prophet and a spiritual pillar, other people see him as a fraud. The fact that in the last few years the number of “prophets” and “churches” and “men of God” has risen is a cause for concern for others. Some members of the public do not believe Passion Java is a real prophet. The people say that he is just a con artist who is out to get people’s money using deceptive means. Others also go on to say that he is using the church as a business.

These allegations are given rise by the fact that he is buying expensive cars and jets and competing with other Zimbabwean businessmen like Ginimbi. The outrageous tongues then give people the ammunition they need against Passion Java. People even go on to say that the tongues are created by the prophet himself and are a way to gain fame!

Fresh Tongues from Passion Java can only mean that the Prophet is not stopping anytime soon!

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Written by purity

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