Gemma treks across Africa

Zimbabwean soul artiste Gemma Griffiths treks across Africa making music for a project titled “Driving Pamwe.”

Gemma treks across Africa








In a statement, Gemma revealed that she is currently traveling across Africa making music with filmmakers for an Instagram project titled “Driving Pamwe.” She said the project is meant to share stories of Africa as they travel.

“We have done over 15 000km in the 10 months and we have been to South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia and now we are in Zimbabwe.”

Gemma treks across Africa











Gemma also said the project seeks to find artists, musicians, creatives and share their art via the platform. It also brings to light parts of the continent that are uplifting and interesting.

However, the artist said she is finalizing her debut album.

“I have been on the road traveling through Africa for the whole of 2019, making music, writing, recording and creating my debut album. I found such amazing inspiration on the journey.” 

Gemma treks across Africa











Griffiths added that the album is titled “Driving Pamwe” and she is doing the final touches to it. Also, she said there are a lot of music videos coming through with the album.

Gemma Griffiths said her latest music video “Gara Pano” is a dedication to all Zimbabweans.

Gemma treks across Africa









“Gara Pano’ is my love song to Zimbabweans. Their positivity and resilience have taught me what to aspire for since my childhood. Zimbabweans are an inspiration. They seek joy first, and with Zimbabwe as my home and teacher, I owe my all to her.”

The soul artiste Gemma Griffiths treks across Africa making music for a project titled “Driving Pamwe.


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