Golden Girls are back Home!!!

Avatar chloe | July 25, 2019

The ZimGems are finally back home from the Netball World Cup that was being held in Liverpool, UK.


We can all agree that the girls really did us proud and set the bar really high for Zimbabwean sports. 

They played a total of 7 games against Sri Lanka, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados, and Malawi. The Gems put a really good fight against Malawi for the World Number 7 position but managed to bag the World Number 8 position which is quite a large jump from their initial World number 14 position. 

The girls did a phenomenal job and put their best foot forward (literally) in every single game they played, with player Joice Takaidza finishing in the top 10 Netball World Cup Scorers. More doors are bound to open after this. This is a wonderful move for women in sports.


Well done #Gems!!!

Written by chloe

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