Gonyeti got a prize in S.A

Avatar tatenda | November 29, 2019

True stars rise to the top not by chance but through purposes and passion. Zimbabwe comedian Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti has just won a top award in South Africa.

Gonyeti got a prize in South Africa







In a statement, the Southern Africa Human Rights Network has awarded Gonyeti the grand honor of the Human Rights Defender of the year. The award is a recognition of her sterling contribution to the cause of Human Rights at great personal risk. 

Gonyeti got a prize in South Africa











The brilliant glow of her achievement lights the way to her success as she won an award in South Africa.  Lately, Gonyeti was allegedly, beaten and also forced to drink sewage and dumped in “the bush” in the suburbs of Harare.

Gonyeti got a prize in South Africa











Gonyeti is a Zimbabwean actress and comedian. Also, she is a person of intricacy one can never immune. Her positive attitude towards life largely impacts people’s lives.


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