hash was a rarely used symbol.

Do you remember when a hash was just a rarely used symbol on our computer keyboards? And tweets were something only birds did.

Now it seems the whole world is tweeting like mad on Twitter. Posting their random thoughts on other social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Often with several annoying hashtags thrown in for good measure, for example, #living a good life, #me loving myself, pictures of what we have for breakfast. Endless complaints about everything from the weather to the traffic to the composition of the Government, details about our health, love life and bank balance.

At the press of a button, it’s all out there for everyone to see. But some times people can take it too far. Just as with face to face communication, there is a fine line between what’s modern and creepy, quirky or annoying.

Here is a scary thought, note that you could be making a fool out of yourself without even knowing it. You may think your postings are witty. But behind your back, your friends may be rolling their eyes. And wishing desperately that Twitter and Instagram had a Don’t Like button.

A hash was just a rarely used symbol but now people are acting crazy on social media.

Written by purity

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