Is it depression or it is attention seeking?

Avatar tamia | November 20, 2018

Is it depression or attention seeking?


“People who’ve never suffered depression cannot understand the depths in which those with it struggle. The constant fight to literally stay alive when your own brain is trying to kill you.” Is it really this deep? For those without depression it is not. Most people today will make a joke out of this genetic condition that people are so contemptible about. But when intense sadness including feeling helpless, hopeless, and worthless lasts for many days to weeks and keeps you from living your life, it may be something more than sadness.


It is really such a shame that the people of the 21st century think that people  who suffer from depression live in the virtual world of their own that they are trapping themselves in a lucid dream and cannot snap themselves back into reality. Reportedly the number of people who commit suicide is alarming it has amounted to 800 000 per year and they source from 15-29 year olds. Depression is the leading cause of these deaths.


Depression can be likened to a prison of war — fighting behind enemy lines to stay alive during wartime with no weapons. Starved, dehydrated and malnourished, but still fighting, still begging for anyone to give them a weapon, even if it is just a stick. Anything to stay alive.

That’s what a person with severe depression and suicidal thoughts is doing when they make that plea for help.It’s not an attention-seeking act, it’s not a weakness that they’ve fallen to such indescribable depths, it’s not a failure. 


Written by tamia

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