Jah Master’s Interview: Star FM

Avatar purity | March 18, 2020

Jah master had an interview with Star FM. The Zimdancehall artist known mostly for his peculiar dressing, chanting style as well as lyrics, Jah Master (Rodney Mashandure) praised Prophet Passion Java in the interview. 

During the interview, he said Passion is a good-hearted man.  He said that the famous prophet is a supportive person and is not afraid of helping the Zimdancehall artists.

  Jah Master recently released a new music video titled Seka Urema Wafa (laugh at disability after you’re dead). The African proverb basically says that one should not make fun of the disadvantaged because the same thing might just happen to them as well.  Because they say what goes around comes around.

A lot of the dancehall fans have already shown enthusiasm for the newly released video. 

 He became popular in early 2019 with the Takansanga Mutaundi. Jah Master had however is known to Zimdancehall fans since as early as 2016 when he started releasing music. Jah Master’s music is famous with the youths because it is about real-life experiences. His singing style is also different and unique. This is refreshing because most Zimdancehall artists sing in a particular way that is similar. 

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Posted by Star FM on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Written by purity

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