Judge’s son commits murder!!

Avatar purity | March 26, 2020

A  judge’s son allegedly commits murder! Munyaradzi Junior Mawadze, 22, son of the resident High Court Judge in Masvingo with the help of his two accomplices, Elvin Dongo Saungweme 22 and Dellon David Balani, also 22 allegedly robbed a Harare cellphone dealer, Sipho Ncube. They then allegedly proceeded to stab him and slit his throat.

Munyaradzi Mawadze and his two accomplices are reported to have taken the cellphone dealer from his trading are near the Chicken Slice food court.

The three accused allegedly lured the dealer with the promise of buying three handsets from him. They were then reported to drive to Ruwa where they allegedly robbed then murdered the victim. Sipho Ncube, the victim, was reported missing by his family on the 12th of March when he failed to return home. He then was found dead two weeks later.

Reporters announced that the robbers allegedly took four handsets from him and stabbed him to death. They then allegedly dumped the corpse in a bush in Ruwa and then fled the scene.

Munyaradzi Mawadze was arrested on the 24th of March in Masvingo at his father’s house where he had fled to. He was then taken to Harare CID where he implicated his friends and proceeded to narrate the whole chain of events. Bloody clothes and shoes were later found in his Harare home which he shared with one of the accomplices.

The whole community is shocked by the news that a Judge’s son committed murder.

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Written by purity

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