Junior Brown returns with “Loud”

Avatar purity | August 30, 2019

Junior Brown born James Mpakula returns from his musical hiatus with the release of a brand new single titled Loud.

The song Loud which will be looking to bang club speakers and airwaves this summer. Another hip hop star Ti Gonzi has been running for the better part of this year. As far as the genre is concerned, it was produced by Jamal and GangstaOMadelt of No limits Records.

Despite starving his fans for a year, Junior Brown says he does not feel as if he ever left the game. “I don’t feel like I ever left the game. I was on almost all important projects in hip hop, Crooger, Mariachi, XQ, and the Pena Remix,” he said.

According to Junior Brown’s management, the song is a reminder of the happy singer’s prowess on party songs.

“The song is a reminder of the flare junior Brown possesses when it comes to lacing party songs, it is an addiction to an impressive discography with records like Phil Chiyangwa, Pihwai Madrinks and Happy among others,”

Junior Brown has promised to release more singles this year.

With the song loud, he goes back to his old demanding self and lyrics that suggest he is giving orders to a certain woman. In the upbeat song he is the caretaker of a beautiful woman, ordering her to look her utmost best and a killer on the dance floor whilst he pampers and takes care of her by providing luxuries. All this in an attempt to keep her mouth shut. Hence the title ‘Loud’.

Written by purity

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