Kirsty Coventry: National Sports Stadium

Avatar tatenda | March 10, 2020

Kirsty Coventry: National Sports Stadium

The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art, and Recreation has taken over ownership of the National Sports Stadium.

In a statement, Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry confirmed the change of ownership via her official Twitter handle account.









The minister says the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art, and Recreation will operate the National Sports Stadium in Zimbabwe. She also said its operation and ownership will be under the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Art, and Recreation.

“We have the experience and passion to use this opportunity for Zimbabwe to become a sporting powerhouse.”








However, CAF has barred Zimbabwe from hosting international matches due to the nature of local stadiums. Also, the stadium was built in 1987 and owned by the Local Government, Public Works, and the National Housing ministry.

About Kirsty Coventry

Kirsty is a role model and hugely inspirational figure for many women and young people across Africa and the world of sport. Her memberships on the International Olympic Committee, World Anti-Doping Agency, International Surfing Federation, and FINA are playing a key part in expanding the global Olympic movement and the development of the sport.

Additionally, affectionately known as Zimbabwe’s ‘National Treasure’ and ‘Golden Girl’, Kirsty continues to invest her time and experience in Africa. Again, she is a member of the ANOCA Athlete’s Commission, Vice-President of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee, provides coaching and swimming lessons at her non-profit organization, the Kirsty Coventry Academy equally important,  she has recently launched a program for low-income and underserved areas – HEROES: Empowering children through sport.

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