Kumahumbwe (Official Music Video)????????

Avatar purity | April 2, 2020

Kumahumbwe Official video released!

Jah Prayzah has released his new official music video titled Kumahumbwe. The video is controversial and confusing because its meaning is not clear. The video is showing people that we can not run away from death.  In the video, Jah Prayzah is encouraging people to overcome death by living life the best way they can. Also when you still can and aim to always be happy so that when death comes, you will confidently accept that you have lived the best way. Jah Prayzah used a metaphor of  Goliath, meaning death. Thereby confusing many people who thought Goliath was another man.

The video shows the love story of a little boy and girl and how they grew up together. The video goes on to show that they grew up to be in love but then they somehow get separated. At the beginning of the video, Jah Prayzah is knocking on the door of the girl’s house holding flowers. He then breaks down in tears showing that he has been given some disturbing news.

The main message of this video is love the people you want to love before its too late.

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Written by purity

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