Kure remix fascinates youths

Avatar tatenda | August 20, 2019

One of the hottest singles from Ti Gonzi Kure has a remix. Most people can’t seem to get enough of Ti Gonzi’s new spin on their hit song Kure.

The remix features top Zimbabwean artists Enzo ishall, Killer T, Fyra and Dobba Don Mussa. Kure remix video shows the magic talent of Zimbabwean artist as it shows how people hustle to make a living.

The fusion of the rhythmic African beats and the young singers’ harmonious voices make this song worth lending an ear too. Lyrics in the song are enchanting as they give an emotional twist following the trend in which how a person grows up from childhood to adulthood.

Kure remix is one of the most viewed videos on you tube and it has received over 60 00 views. However, some people criticized the remix version saying the original song sounded better.


Written by tatenda

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