…..ladies would have nothing to offer?

Avatar purity | November 8, 2019

If we remove sex from relationship most ladies would have nothing to offer?

In this new millennium, expectations about sex and love have changed. In the nineteenth century, sex outside marriage was a taboo and unheard of. However, the free expression of a new teen generation, values have changed. The term ‘making out’ referred to how far a girl could get her boyfriend to give him all of her.

Can you have a good relationship without having sex?

Yes. There are so, many ways of showing that you care about or love someone that doesn’t involve sexual activity.  People demonstrate love by being there for each other. Solving problems together. Listening to each other is a sign of an effective and mature relationship. And sharing hard times as well as good times and bolstering each other, and being patient with one another.

A healthy, happy relationship typically involves companionship and spending time together. Intimacy by revealing parts of yourself that you usually keep hidden. And also enjoying each other’s company.

Most importantly, Good relationships are based on honesty, trust, equality, communication, and respect! If your boyfriend really cares for you, they will want the BEST for you. “I love you” are just powerful words that can make you feel good if the other person means it.

Can a relationship without sex last?

Of course, just because lots of people do some certain things doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. If you wait until marriage, you can have a lot of sex once you tie the knot. Abstinence from sex is one of the major reasons why traditional marriages lasted for long. They would wait for long until they knew their partner. Unfortunately, nowadays, teens are no longer waiting for long before they indulge themselves in sexual relationships. Hence marriages are not lasting for long.

I can reassure you that those of you who are unmarried can carry on a relationship perfectly well without sex. Do not be ashamed of what your friends would say. Or having a negative mind that somehow you are less of a man or a woman. Don’t be afraid of being mocked for not ‘losing your virginity’ or being ‘frigid’, it’s your PRIDE.

There are a lot of teens who are preserving sex for marriage who are in a happy, healthy relationship. Just know that you’re not alone!

What are the consequences of having sex before marriage?

Adolescents are at risk of unintended pregnancy, abortion, STIs because they are involved in sexual activities at an early age.

Global information and education on HIV AND AIDS affirmed that the HIV epidemic in Zimbabwe is generalized when it comes to  Adolescent girls. They are disproportionately affected because they are largely driven by unprotected sex. If we remove sex from relationship most ladies would they have nothing to offer? 

In a highly condensed nutshell – having something to offer means bringing some value to the table. But sex is not the only OPTION! there are so many ways of satisfying your partner.



Written by purity

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