Lady Squanda warns producers

Avatar tatenda | October 21, 2019

Self-proclaimed Zimdancehall Queen Lady Squanda warns music producers, promoters and musicians who are nagging her for sexual favors.

Lady Squanda warns producers










In a statement, the Zimdancehall Queen said she is fed up with this type of behavior in the local music industry. She added that their behavior is the main reason why female musicians fail to make it.

She said promoters are nagging her for sexual favors. Lay Squanda said they come like they want a professional deal but at the end , they will want sexual favors in return.

The artist also said she assigned her manager to do all the bookings and everything concerning music. She also said being a mother of two doesn’t mean she is loose. The icon also said she does not have a husband but it’s not a passport for these musicians and promoters to ask for sexual favors.

Lady Squanda warns producers









However, Squanda said that she is giving the sex pests time to change  before she exposing them. She also said  if they do not stop their behavior, she will  name and shame them.

“I can’t name and shame them for now because that’s where I get shows ndiko kunobva Mari. If it continues, I will give you the list.”

She added that producers are using the studios to lure girls and it is one of the reasons why female chanters are not being successful in the music industry. The icon also said her fellow musicians are also nagging her for sexual favors.

Lady Squanda warns producers








Lady Squanda warns producers in the music industry who are pestering her for sexual favors. The Zimdancehall Queen is an award-winning artist and one of the very few popular female artists in the male-dominated Zimdancehall music genre.

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