Love story gone wrong!

Avatar purity | March 22, 2020

The Love story of the United Kingdom-based celebrity couple, Olinda Chapel and Njabulo “Tytan” Nkomo. It continues to unfold as the latter has unfollowed. And also, deleted his spouse’s pictures on Instagram.

He also revealed the end of their union saying he has since approached the police and is pursuing the legal route to end their union.

Olinda made the remarks in a live Instagram video where she also rubbished Tytan’s domestic abuse allegations. She said it was a way to avoid deportation after divorce. Apparently, Tytan does not have a permanent stay visa. According to Olinda, this is his way of making sure he stays in England after their divorce.

“The domestic abuse case that he has submitted to the police is of just one minor fight we had over a computer. If that is his way to gain immunity from deportation after we divorce. Then the people advising him are misleading him”.

She begged her former husband to come for talks to map the best way forward for their baby Nandi who was born earlier this year.

“The child deserves better if anything I regret conceiving her. She is only three months and already her life starts off in a struggle with a father who constructs all these things”

Olinda and Tytan tied the knot last year and welcomed their baby girl named Nandi this year.

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