Macheso wearing Freeman’s shirt!!!

Avatar purity | September 25, 2019

Social media users have claimed that Alick Macheso was wearing Freeman’s shirt on their video Ngaibake.

Macheso dismissed the allegations, saying that these were funny stories for social media.

In spite of this, people continued to post pictures of the two musicians and continued to claim that the sungura king was wearing Freeman’s shirt.

“It’s one of those funny stories for social media”, said Macheso. ” can I be affected by such claims? I am quite sure they know the truth. Reasoning people need no explanation. I also laughed when I saw and heard about it.”

Macheso rocked in a bright yellow summer shirt with floral print, wide brim hat and black jeans on the video.

The shirt in question is a bright yellow summer shirt with floral print.

Freeman appeared in public wearing a similar shirt on a different occasion.

Meanwhile, Baba Shero, as Macheso is popularly known, said “[The shirt] was new for the occasion. We are happy people are enjoying the video. It has been always my wish to work together with fellow musicians,” said Macheso.

People dared musicians to appear together wearing similar shirts. Freeman’s response on Star FM’s popular radio show, “The 263 Express,” promised to wear his shirt and post a picture on social media to silence critics. 

Talking about the collabo, Freeman also said it was not easy to get hold of Macheso owing to his demanding schedule.

“I was impressed by the versatility Baba Shero showed in the studio,” said Freeman.

Baba Shero empowered his band members with stands!! He is not the type of person to borrow someone’s shirt to wear. Surely he can do better than that!


Written by purity

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