Madam Boss glow in Cape Town

Madam  Boss is glowing with her husband in Cape Town!!!!










Madam Boss and Ngoni Munetsiwa are one of the best couple l see in Zimbabwe. No personal attacks, no shouting, shared values rather than opinions. Problems sorted through debate until a consensus is reached. Both listen to each other’s reservations about difficulties – don’t always act on it, but take it seriously before acting.










The actress is having a great time of her life with her husband Ngoni Munetsiwa in Cape town for a mini holiday. The comedian posted steamy hot saucy pictures of herself at the beach with her husband Mhofela. They are enjoying life as things are happening to them. 









The couple has endured a lot in their marriages as most people criticize them on social media. And they deserve a round of applause because they don’t care about what people say to them, they keep going. 











Written by tatenda

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