Magombeyi’s disappearance storm protest

Magombeyi’s disappearance had generated a storm protest, with doctors and other health workers demanding his safe return.

Dr. Peter is well known for his role in demanding labor and health justice in Zimbabwe.
The Zimbabwe Association of Doctors for Human Rights has stated the continued disappearance of Junior Doctors’ union President of Dr. Peter Magombeyi.

The Progressive Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) and the Amalgamated Rural Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe have demanded the immediate release of Zimbabwe Dr. Peter.
The two unions on Wednesday threatened to go on strike in solidarity with striking doctors to force Magombeyi’s captors to release him.

The family of Dr. Peter, his uncle, Harry Magombeyi said the family has a lot of questions on why he was targeted for abduction.

“This is the most difficult period for us as a family. We are very much devastated by the abduction of our son Peter. As a family, we feel humbled when we see doctors and nurses demanding the return of their colleagues alive.

“We are having sleepless nights trying to imagine what has happened to him, where is he, is he still alive, we also have lots of questions on why they decided to target him,” he said.
Doctors chanted “No Peter, No Work” and held placards reading “Bring Peter Back” as riot police stopped them from marching.

“Dr. Peter Magombeyi’s whereabouts remain unknown, and we are seriously concerned about this. We, therefore, demand his unconditional return to his family,” the petition read.

Doctors also marched at the United Bulawayo Hospitals and Mpilo Central Hospital in solidarity.

The secretary-general of the ZHDA, told the doctors in Bulawayo “We don’t expect that in Zimbabwe.

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