Mai Judah to London awards

Avatar tatenda | September 27, 2019

Star FM presenter, Mai Judah, have been nominated for the “Best Radio Presenter” in  the Creativity and Arts Awards category set for November in London.

In a statement, Mai Judah said she initially did not take the Creativity and Arts Awards seriously when she received an invitation to enter the awards.

Mai Judah to London awards









“It only started to become real to me when I got a congratulatory message saying I had made it for the finals in London.”

The  presenter said, she would love to bring the award home. She said this will mean standing up for the voiceless and nameless. Tariro also added that she gives praise to God for the nomination.

Mai Judah to London awards









However, she said

“As someone who wasn’t serious about these awards. Just a few days I have spoken about them has made me realize how much our loving people can support. I’m grateful.” Mai Judah will be against the other three presenters from other countries.

Mai Judah to London awards














Tariro Mazvarirwofa popularly known as Mai Judah is a radio personality on Star FM. She’s the co-anchor of the Breeze which airs from 9 am-12 midday. She is one of the female radio celebrities that fans have grown to like. Star FM is a commercial radio station that broadcasts throughout Zimbabwe. It has become one of the most listened radios in the country.

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