Mai Titi attacks Queen Tatelicious

Avatar tatenda | September 3, 2019

Zimbabwean Comedian Felistas Murata Edwards popularly known as  Mai Titi attacks Queen Tatelicious. This comes  after Queen Tatelicious lately insulted Mai Titi on social media.

Mai Titi blasts Queen Tatelicious

Mai Titi

In a statement, Mai Titi said Queen Tatelicious should  back off from her life and concentrate with her life. The two spirited social media queens have been engaging in a series of back and forth attacks. Mai Titi also said Queen Tatelicious should not try to force her to be friends.

However, she dragged up an archived photo of a chubby looking Tatelicious on social media accompanied by a lengthy rant.

Mai Titi attacks Queen Tatelicious saying, “Listen me I dont bow to demons Gurundoro ,I dont like it and set that record straight.” ” I would rather die than lick your dirty ,black behind that needs domestos.”

Mai Titi blasts transgender Tatelicious


Mai Titi  refused to be Queen Tatelicious friend expressively stating that she would rather die than take and olive branch from the transgender Tatelicious. She also said Tatelicious  “is it by force to like you?who are you by the way am I your cousin?do we know each other ?do I eat at your filthy house that you sleep with your dogs?that you poop on the floor?”

Queen Tatelicious is a Sweden based Zimbabwean socialite, Human Rights activist for LGBTIQ and HIV and AIDS issues. She is one of the first Zimbabwean transgender women to go public.


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