Mai Titi dumps Zizoe!

Avatar tatenda | March 12, 2020

Mai Titi dumps Zizoe! Zimbabwean comedian Mai Titi broke up with her boyfriend Zizoe after he stigmatized her for HIV status.

In a live video on Facebook Mai Titi said she is breaking up with Zizoe. She also said she cannot tolerate or forgive someone who stigmatizes her because of her status. The two met when Mai Titi was marketing Zizoe’s music. In a video on social media, Mai Titi revealed that their relationship started as a marketing strategy. However, she ended up falling in love with him and she revealed that in the beginning, Zizoe loved her too.

Mai Titi went on to say that the young musician knew about her HIV status when they first got together since it was public. Zizoe however began acting peculiar and stigmatizing her for her status. She then said that this was probably because of pressure from the other girls he was cheating on her with.









She said her daughters will be heartbroken especially Titi since they are attached to the said Zizoe. She also urged Zizoe not to break ties with her daughters Titi and Fifi.

“I beg you please do not break up with Titi”,

Also, thousands of comments poured in for Mai Titi with most people sympathizing with her.

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