Mai Titi rejects 70RTGS

Avatar purity | December 19, 2019

Mai Titi rejects 70RTGS from her ex-husband.

Popular tummler Mai Titi took to social media to express her anger against her ex-husband. Her ex-husband Tapiwa Mutikani who sent her RTGS70 as a maintenance fee for their child. Mai Titi said Mutikani used to show off on social media that’s why she took her story to social media.

“Gone are the maintenance days when I used to apply for it and he would fake his payslip so that he pays less,” she said.

Tapiwa Mutikani

Mai Titi said her ex used to shame her on social media when he flaunted his prostitutes. “He used to parade his prostitutes on social media to embarrass me,” she said. However, the tummler sends back more money than what her husband deposited.

Excuse me mkwasha I just saw ka2 cents kamaisa please don’t insult my eco cash account with your 2 cents

I am going to cancel the maintenance order so you can stop insulting us nemari yechingwa yamunotipa.”

“We are doing just fine without your peanuts, take care of your poor family. Ukanditumira futi 70 bond ndokuma***sa idya 500 iyo nemhuri yako ndimi muri kutambura.”

Meanwhile, Mai Titi alleges that her ex-husband infected her with HIV. And she was in an abusive marriage for eight years. However, Mai titi is a hard-working young lady who owns several shops in Harare. Hence, she rejects the 70RTGS from her ex-husband.


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