Mai Titi speaks on Olinda and Tytan saga.

Avatar purity | February 27, 2020

Mai Titi speaks on Olinda and Tytan saga.

Mai Titi gave advice to Olinda. She said that her husband infected her with HIV without her knowing. Hence she understands the struggle of being a woman living with HIV. She said that she later realized it through several signs and symptoms. She then said Olinda should have told Tytan if she knew she was HIV positive instead of keeping it a secret.

She said Olinda did this to get back at Tytan for marrying her for her money. She told Olinda that even though Tytan never loved her and only wanted her for her money, this was not the correct way to go about things.

Mai Titi spoke to her whole audience at large. She encouraged people to be open and honest when they are in relationships. She said that talking about HIV status is the most important in relationships in order to avoid scandals.

Mai Titi went on to say that Olinda should learn to advocate for and uplift other women. She talked about how Olinda had her deported once from England. It seems the incident still rankles for Mai Titi. Mai Titi then goes on to say she will be flying to England despite Olinda’s efforts of last time.

Mai Titi encouraged Olinda not to have too much pride. She said that Olinda must not waste time talking about unimportant things and should focus more on things that edify her.

Meanwhile, Tytan and his Lawyer Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya abandoned their scheduled weekly show “The Rumbidzayi Show” after social media groups started attacking Rumbidzai.  Social media users reacted to Tytan’s claims that Olinda gave him HIV. This caused quite a debate and an uproar on social media platforms as the public gave its opinion.

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