Making Tonight With Zororo, 5 Years Later…

Avatar [email protected] | June 21, 2020

As I was brainstorming with my team about what people like to hear about or read about in a blog post, and they unanimously said more content about TV shows but specifically, Tonight with Zororo. Some team members were not there during the production of the show and were as interested to know more. Obviously not too easy a subject to talk about for me, I worked with Zororo for nearly 2 years to get the show off the ground, and in that time, genuine friendships are made. So after his untimely passing of COVID-19, I wish I wrote this earlier.

The Branding 

At first, we faced the first challenge that not a lot of people knew about him on TV. I felt like we had to introduce the personality in a different way and showcase what he was and what he was capable of. To this end, we shot Kushaya Zororo, a mini documentary-style film to show who he was and what he was about.


The Main Production

During this time, we’re trying to figure out what the production will look like. We’re at this time having multiple meetings at our headquarters of Sopranos, a local coffee shop here in Harare.

Twz meetings

Meetings for TWZ


Meetings for Tonight With Zororo were long and hard at the beginning. Not that they got easier but we are getting better at it over time. Closer to the shoot dates, we were now knee-deep in organizational staff and admin. It is evident just how big a production this is becoming. We started growing the team in order to accommodate the production for the  4 weeks we had with it.

We had to finish filing and production for Tonight With Zororo in 3 weeks. After that, we went through another 90 days of post-production. One of the toughest editing periods of my career for real! I was exhausted daily. My co-director at the time, Tawanda Mauchaza, would comment on the immense task of editing as we burnt through the edit with a team of 4.

Looking back at all that, I shouldn’t have been trying to do everything myself and I would have structured the production team a bit differently.




My goal here is to make this an ongoing article that my team and I  continue to update. We want to invite more speakers here like Henry Hakulandaba and others to give their perspectives.

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