Married people must be registered!!

 High Court judge seeks to have all Married people registered.

The High Court judge has called for a countrywide database of married individuals to reduce bigamy, marrying someone while already married to another person.

Justice Sylvia Chirawu said there was nothing that prohibited the Registrar of Marriages from having a real-time online database. The real-time online database for all married people.  Those who are wishing to marry must provide passport size color photographs of their images and fingerprints.

Justice Chirawu-Mugomba’s points came against the backdrop of the proposed Marriages Bill. She said the Registrar of Marriages could also consider obtaining affidavits from intending spouses. 

“Those who lied under oath about their marital status must face the wrath of the law,” the judge said. “Perhaps these measures will reduce the number of bigamous marriages.

The judge made the remarks while handing down judgment in the case in which a widow, Ms. Susan Mobape, was suing Master of the High Court Mr. Manyadzwa Kamuchira N.O. and Ms. Cynthia Chaitezvi, over maintenance from the deceased estate.

However, bigamy was seen as one way in which men (or less usually, women) could evade an unhappy before men and women could divorce on equal terms and without blame being apportioned.

  Therefore, Married people must be registered.

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