Mudiwa now a father

Avatar tatenda | October 9, 2019

Rapper Mudiwahood revealed that he is now a father as Mudiwa Junior Cristian finally arrived.

Mudiwa now a father










In a statement on Instagram Mudiwa said he is now a father and he is happy and excited. The rapper added that he welcomed Mudiwa Junior Cristian Hood at the Avenues Clinic in Harare.

He said it is amazing to be a father and he has something to live for. Mudiwa also added that Mudiwa Junior will get everything he wants as long as he breathes.

Mudiwa now a father








“God made them special I have grown new respect for them am happy I experienced the best experience ever, witnessing Mudiwa Jnr’s birth.”

“I was with my wife the entire time she was in labor and I learned that women should be respected, our mothers and sisters should be respected.”


However, Mudiwa drags Stunner who later accused him of ‘firing blanks.’
“I am sure he understands the pride of being a father.”
“I am happy for him, I guess he understands now that God loves us all including him, even those who have not yet have their moments, their time will come.”

Mudiwa now a father










Mudiwa urged people not to laugh at those who are not yet there. He said God will show sooner than later on their side.
“God’s delay is not denial, time and chance happen to them all according to the bible.”
“I wish to have three kids but remember I am not in this beautiful and wonderful marriage alone. So, with time we will decide between me and Mrs. Hood.”

Mudiwa said he thank God every day publicly and testify God’s goodness, nevertheless because he is now a father.

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